What is my project?

It too quite a while for me to finally settle on what I wanted to study.

At first I thought about looking into personality animation. There was plenty of research avaliable for me to look into but I found it didnt spark my interest like I thoought it would and so I decided to look into something different.

That is when I persued my interest in interactive narrative. For me this is a very interesting topic and there is a lot of research behind it, and I found myself almost persuaded to continue with this topic based on my interest in the subject. My only problem, and it was quite a big one, was I wasn't very interested in producing a project based on narrative. I wouldn't say I have a strong interest in script writing and for that reason I struggled to visualise an end product. I still kept it in mind and did do quite a bit of research into the idea of interactive narrative vs a linear form of narrative.

But it wasn't until one night that I had a moment of clarity, and i knew what I wanted to base a project on.

For me I wish to study "Anthropomorphism in Animation".

I have always had a love for animated animals, and in particular the non-verbal variety. Although a love the ones that talk too :) And after some research I have definitely decided this is the topic I wish to continue my honours project on. The research is interesting and has already given me much to think about and on the practical side of things it is a chance for me to try my hand at rigging and animating animals, which is something I have not touched much yet. So I look forward to the challenge :)


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