Pre-production Hand-ins for CA

Please take a note of this :)

This is the list I recieved from Mark of acceptable hand-ins for the pre-production module.

As each project is different in terms of the outcome he understands that everyone will have some varience on what they will submit, but this is a guideline for people to follow.
  • Script
  • Concept Art - Character and Setting
  • Storyboard and/or Animatic
  • Interactive Map (where appropriate)
  • User Journey (where appropriate)
  • Colour Book/Mood Boards
  • Target Audience demographics
  • Competitive Projects
  • Gantt Chart
  • Budget
Also not that he asks if everyone could submit this in one folder per person if possible.

I hope this helps everybody



ck said...

Thanks! Thats what i needed!
I was a bit unsure of what the hand in for this module where.

I am a web design student so i hope the hand ins are the same :)

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