a small change

A small change this morning. I wanted to put in some decals like daisies as seen here, so I did a test this morning and I really liked the outcome so I will try some different things. 0 comments


Ok I have a slight problem when it comes to modelling trees. A small fear of where it should be fat or thin, bush or not bushy, stylized or realistic...suffice to say it keeps me up at night.

So im having a go a different trees as the ones I did originally were fillers for what was going to be there, when I stopped freaking about them...*shiver*...stupid trees.

so here is some variatious, just quick ideas


the characters in scene

I just wanted to see if all the colours worked together.

I didnt think it was too bad so far, I am sure I can make it better in time 0 comments

Fox texture

Over the weekend I mapped out the UVs for the fox and have begun texturing him. I want him to be furry so I looked online for handy hints a tips for creating a fur look, and found plenty to help me out.

I have tried a rough attempt myself and will work on it further before probably tweaking the model a little further (because there is some bits annoying me) and then I can start the rigging process

here is a quick pic of what I have so far


My new idea

The day before pitch i had a new idea, but for the pitch I thought it would be best to show what I had in mind instead of explaining it ~(unfortunately I am not the best powerpoint user when it comes to videos and forgot that it does not integrate them like it does with pictures... soIi didnt get to show it after all.)

Basically I wanted to develop on the idea of creating a fable.

Also I wanted the overall feel to be more quirky and stylised rather than realistic like my original plan for the opening of the animation

So here is a quick mock up of what I now have in mind





Environment construction so far

Simple forest scene for the animation

Story book type look and feel 0 comments

Fox model so far

Next step will be to texture before starting the rigging of this character and creating it's blendshapes


Kingfisher model so far

Still a work in progress, but I am much more happy with the look and colours and overall... fluffiness... of the texture. All it needs is an iridescent and waxy quality to the feathers as suggested by paul harris at pitch week and will be looking into his suggestions next week.


Kingfisher model so far

First attempt at texturing the kingfisher, but i was not happy with it at all.

I wanted it to be more... fluffy looking...


the kingfisher model so far