An update!

Its been a while hasn't it, but I have been a busy bee, I just got behind on the updating of this blog...but here I am so this is what I have to say for myself. I have been busy storyboarding, writing documents, researching and tring to decide on the final features of my characters so I can do their final character sheets, but at the moment I am, unfortuately, being a little indecisive. Although in saying that I found some inspiration when watching Ice age 3. I paused the movie and went forward and back over a few seconds of a character that caught my eye, and went straight into work mode taking screenshots and sketching again.

I really like the deisgn of this character and is on similar lines with what I had envisioned for my final kingfisher type bird, minus the long legs. So I will be back at doing the final charaters with this new image in mind. So while I was having this concept art block I did my storyboards, it took a while, and some are still not in colour but the basic drawing of it is done, I still need to write the notes at the side, but the bulk is there.